Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Error Finding 1

Find out the correct option out of given options

Q-1 There are going (a)/ to be numerous (b)/ challenges of him (c)/ No error (d)
Q-2 It is not as (a)/ whether banks received (b)/ the counterfeit notes from clients (c)/ and failed to detect them (d)/ No error (e)
Q-3 There reasons to suspect (a)/ if the mischief was done (b)/ mostly through bank (c)/ branches in towns (d)/ No error (e)
Q-4 Scandal has bloomed (a)/ in to horrendous proportions (b)/ there is an urgent (c/ need to come to grip with the situation double quick (d)/ No error (e)
Q-5 This has been identified (a)/ by the anti-national (b)/ force as the soft (c)/ under belly of India (d)/ No error (e)
Q-6 The low scale was between (a)/ the two has led (b)/ to the loss of hundereds (c)/ of lives on a short time (d)/ No error (e)
Q-7 It is pointless of Pakistan (a)/ to argue that it cannot be (b)/ a terrorist state when it is itself (c)/ a victim of terror (d)/ No error (e)
Q-8 There was a time (a)/ when a man choosing to have physical relationship (b)/ with another man was considered (c)/ neither sinful or abnormal (d)/ No error (e)
Q-9 There can be no denying (a)/ of Indian society (b)/ is deeply divided (c)/ on this issue (d)/ No error (e)
Q-10 The Police seized (a)/ a taxi that the attackers (b)/ used to the bombings (c)/ No error (d)
Q-11 She claimed that her(a)/ husband had only (b)/ carried out (c)/ government orders(d)/ No error (e)
Q-12 However the five countries in (a)/ the region has rights (b)/ to economic zones within 320 kilometers (c)/ of their shores (d)/ No error (e)
Q-13 The economy is (a)/ agricultural and remains (b)/ mainly on the subsistence level (d)/ o error (e)
Q-14 Have you ever worried (a)/ about having a rational (b)/ reason for this (c)/ what were not heard of in the past (d)/ No error (e)
Q-15 This very warmth (a)/ and cold made (b)/ much difference (c)/ No error (d)
Q-16 Since climate is(a)/ a long phenomenon (b)/ it is hard to believe that (c)/ man will easily manipulate it (d)/ No error (e)
Q-17 The scale generally (a)/ used by all (b)/ is the Celsius (c)/ No error (d)
Q-18 Two month of political (a)/ unrest ended in July (b)/ of the formation of (c)/ a new government (d)/ No error (e)
Q-19 The extensive pulp (a)/ and paper sector is (b)/ responsible for along one-quarter (c)/ of world paper exports (d)/ No error (e)
Q-20 The country is (a)/ the largest food (b)/ and exports on (c)/ western Europe (d)/ No error (e)
Q-21 The economy traditionally dependent (a)/ on forestry (b)/ is now dominated (c)/ of mining (d)/ No error(e)
Q-22 The year 1998 were (a)/ marked by (b)/ economic chaos (c)/ No error (d)
Q-23 The federation of Nigeria on (a)/ the south coast of (b)/ West America is (c)/ Black Africa’s more populous nation (d)/ No error (e)
Q-24 The Nobel Peace Prize is (a)/ Awarded every (b)/ year in Oslo (c)/ at December 10 (d)/ No error (e)
Q-25 The entire area n (a)/ the north and west is (b)/ covered by (c)/ great mountain ranges (d)/ No error (e)

Answers With Reason

1(c) Replace ‘of’ by ‘for’
2(b) Replace ‘whether’ by ‘if’
3(b) Replace ‘if’ by ‘that’
4(d) Replace ‘grip’ by ‘grips’
5(c) Replace ‘force’ by ‘forces’
6(d) Replace ‘on’ by ‘in’
7(a) Replace ‘of’ by ‘for’
8(d) Replace ‘neither’ by ‘either’
9(b) Replace ‘of’ by ‘that’
10(c) Replace ‘to’ by ‘for’
11(d) Replace ‘order’ by ‘orders’
12(b) Replace ‘has’ by ‘have’
13(c) Replace ‘on’ by ‘at’
14(d) Replace ‘what’ by ‘which’
15(b) Replace ‘made’ by ‘make’
16(d) Replace ‘will’ by ‘could’
17(d) No error
18(c) Replace ‘of’ by ‘with’
19(c) Replace ‘along’ by ‘around’
20(c) Replace ‘on’ by ‘in’
21(d) Replace ‘of’ by ‘by’
22(a) Replace ‘were’ by ‘was’
23(d) Replace ‘more’ by ‘most’
24(d) Replace ‘at’ by ‘on’
25(a) Replace ‘on’ by ‘in’

Friday, March 27, 2015

Vocabulary Error Finding 3

Pick out the correct option from the following given alternatives

Q-1 None of them (a) /has gone (b) /to their (c)/ house (d)/No error (e)
Q-2 If I were (a) / him. I would (b)/ not jump in to (c)/ the rive (d)/ No error (e)
Q-3 Her foots (a)/ were badly (b)/ injured in an (c)/ accident (d)/ No error (e)
Q-4 Jamuna is (a)/ a sacred river (b)/ of the Hindus (c)/ No error (e)
Q-5 Seventy miles (a)/ are not (b)/ a small (c)/ distance (d)/ No error (e)
Q-6 The officer was (a)/ enough kind to (b)/ grants me (c)/ leave (d)/ No error (e)
Q-7 Suresh submitted (a)/ a project for (b)/ the starting of (c)/ Insurance Company(d)
Q-8 Thousand of men (a)/ and women (b)/ attended the meeting (c)/ No error (d)
Q-9 Crowds after crowds (a)/ Went to welcome (b)/ the swami Nath (c)/ No error
Q-10 He is one (a)/ of that persons (b)/ who never (c)/ Shirk work. (d)/ No error (e)
Q-11 Her mother (a)/ and herself (b)/ fond of Annanas (c)/ No error (e)
Q-12 Either Raman (a)/ or his brother (b)/ has broken (c)/ my beautiful pot. (d)
/ No error(e)
Q-13 A unit of (a)/ Six hundred (b)/ soldiers was (c)/ crossing the enemy’s border (d)/
No error (e)
Q-14 My parents needs (a)/ no fewer (b)/ than seven kilos (c)/ wheat (d)/ No error (e)
Q-15 My sister’s watch is (a)/ superior (b)/ and deserves more (c)/ praise than yours (d)/ No error (e)
Q-16 Subhash Chandra boss (a)/ was respected greated (b)/ everywhere in our country (c)/ No error (d)
Q-17 Beside the party members (a)/ many people also (b)/ attended the meeting (c)/ of the party. (d) No error (e)
Q-18 Indian Express has (a)/ the largest (b)/ circulation (c)/ in India. (d)/ No error (e)
Q-19 No sooner (a)/ had he left (b)/ when his sister (c)/ came (d) No error (e)
Q-20 Rakesh was more (a)/ than a political leader (b)/ his was the unlighted one (c)/ embodying the soul of India. (d)/ No error (e)
Q-21 Sonika is one (a)/ of the best (b)/ friends that (c)/ as ever lived (d)/ No error (e)
Q-22 I think education health (a)/ and those sort of things (b)/ are generally the main (c)/advantages of modern life (d)/ No error (e)
Q-23 Students realised (a)/ their potential and (b)/ Simultaneously grow (c)/ more concious (d)/ No error (e)
Q-24 Many character (a)/ has been (b)/ affected by (c)/ pride (d)/ No error (e)
Q-25 It turns out that (a)/ The career wife is still (b)/ the exception rather than the rule (c)/ but an exception whom increasingly threatens to confound it. (d)/ No error (e)

Answers with reasons:-

1(c) Replace ‘their’ by ‘his’
2(b) Replace ‘him’ by ‘he’
3(a) Replace ‘foots’ by ‘feet’
4(c) Replace ‘Hindus’ by’ Hindu’
5(b) the ‘correct sequence is’ kind enough’
6(b) Replace ‘for’ by’ on ’
7(b) Replace ‘thousand’ by ‘thousands’
8(a) Replace ‘crowds after crowds’ by ‘crowd after crowd’
9(a) Replace ‘that’ by ‘those’
10(b) Replace ‘herself’ by’ she are’
11(b) Replace ‘has’ by ‘have’
12(c) Replace ‘was’ by ‘were’
13(c) Replace ‘fewer’ by ‘less’
14(b) add ‘to your’ after superior
15(b) correct form is greatly respected.
16(b) replace ‘for’ by ‘on’
17(a) replace ‘beside’ by ‘besides’
18(a) add ‘the’ before Indian Express
19(c) Replace ‘when’ by ‘than’
20(c) Replace ‘his’ by ‘he’
21(d) Replace ‘has’ by ‘have’
22(b) Replace ‘those’ by ‘these’
23(e) No error’’
24(a) add ‘a’ before character’
25(d) Replace’ whom’ by ‘who’

Vocabulary Error Finding 2

Find out the correct option of the following given option

Q-1 Sir Kulwant Singh was (a)/ called to join the service (b)/ of Bengal State as (c)/ Chief executive Engineer in 1919 (d)/ No error (e)
Q-2 As the age of five (a)/ the child began to surprise (b)/ everybody by the child’s (c)/ conversations on divine subjects (d)/ No error
Q-3 In the eighteen thirties (a)/ there was a sudden (b)/ and a tremendous advance (c)/ in chemical warfare against germs (d)/ No error (e)
Q-4 Every of the chemical (a)/ antiseptics was more (b)/ harmful to the leucocytes (c)/ than to the germs (d)/ No error (e)/
Q-5 They replied that (a)/ they are satisfying the thirst (b)/ of their ancestors (c)/ land on the moon (d)/ No error (e)
Q-6 Within a few hours of (a)/ launching the rocket (b)/ they found themselves (c)/ land on the moon (d)/ No error (e)
Q-7 My father speaks (a)/ the English (b)/ very bell (c)/ No error (e)
Q-8 I am of (a)/ the opinion that (b)/ strong action must (c)/ be taken against Japan (d)/ No error (e)
Q-9 Honourable Mr. Sinha (a)/ was the Chief guest (b)/ of our Annual function (c)/ No error (d)
Q-10 I passed my (a)/ holidays in (b)/ the village of (c)/ my Grand Parents (d)/ No error (e)
Q-11 My brother is (a)/ good in economics (b)/ but he is (c)/ weak at grammar (d)/ No error (e)
Q-12 The Police Inspector (a)/ passed orders (b)/ for his transfer (c)/ No error (d)
Q-13 The people (a)/ of India have (b)/ seen world (c)/ war second (d)/ No error (e)
Q-14 Mohan has (a)/ five sheep (b)/ and six deers (c)/ No error (d)
Q-15 The girl who (a)/ I though intelligent (b)/ did not the (c)/ first position (d)/ No error (e)
Q-16 All but I (a)/ were present (b)/ at the station (c)/ No error (d)
Q-17 The students rise (a)/ their heads when (b)/ there is a (c)/ weak principal (d)/ No error (e)
Q-18 Everybody Sushma (a)/ is devoting (b)/two hours (c)/ to her studies (d)/ No error (e)
Q-19 Several years (a)/ have passed (b)/ since you have (c)/ visited Delhi (d)/ No error (e)
Q-20 I last night (a)/ went to (b)/ the market (c)/ for shopping (d)/ No error (e)
Q-21 I told my (a)/ friend to not (b)/ come on (c)/ Sunday (d)/ No error (e)
Q-22 You may (a)/ take either of (b)/ these five (c)/ suits for your daughters (d)/ No error (e)
Q-23 Of the two (a)/ Lahangas the (b)/ pink one is (c)/ the most beautiful (d)/ No error (e)
Q-24 Today the (a)/ weather is (b)/ fine and we (c)/ have a clean sky (d)/ No error (e)
Q-25 Not only (a)/ did he pass (b)/ the examination than (c)/ got a first division (d)/ No error (e)

Answers With Reason:

1. (b) Replace ‘to’ by ‘upon’
2. (c) Replace ‘child’s’ by ‘his’
3. (c) Remove ‘a’
4. (a) Replace ‘every’ by ‘each’
5. (b) Replace ‘are’ by ‘were’
6. (d) Replace ‘land’ by ‘landing’
7. (b) Remove ‘the’
8. (b) Remove ‘the’
9. (a) Add ‘The’ to the beginning
10. (b) Replace ‘in’ by ‘at’
11. (d) Replace ‘at’ by ‘in’
12. (b) Replace ‘orders’ by ‘order’
13. (a) Replace ‘peoples’ by ‘people’
14. (c) Replace ‘deers’ by ‘deer’
15. (a) Replace ‘who’ by ‘whom’
16. (a) Replace ‘I’ by ‘me’
17. (a) Replace ‘rise’ by ‘raise’
18. (b) Replace ‘is devoting’ by ‘devote’
19. (c) Remove ‘have’
20. (a) The correct sequence is ‘last night’
21. (b) The correct sequence is ‘not to’
22. (b) Replace ‘either’ by ‘anyone’
23. (d) Replace ‘most’ by ‘more’
24. (d) Replace ‘clean’ by ‘clear’
25. (c) Replace ‘than’ by ‘but also’